How do we engage people?

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How do we get people to voluntarily join a meeting or an event?

So far we found it’s because

  1. it solves (or might solve) a problem they face regularly
  2. they feel they have or want to contribute to the discussion
  3. there is a ‘celebrity’ to them or well-known speaker at the event
  4. they want bragging rights i.e. ‘I was there when….’
  5. FOMO – others are going and they don’t want to be left behind
  6. FOMO (Control) – they worry a decision will be made without them

The first two are about learning and contribution, 3-5 are about status, and 6 is about control. Often we organise meetings and events thinking about the first two, but status is more often the motivating factors. Perhaps it’s just a fancy or more nuanced way of talking of peer pressure, but it still motivates us.

How can you work with status to enact change in your project?

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