Start Again

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start again

Just because your project fails doesn’t mean you’re the wrong person for the job or have the wrong team. It also doesn’t mean the project was wrong either. Or that it is time to give up. Perhaps it’s simple a step in the process. No matter what it is, we can learn from it.

Our work and life do not occur in a vacuum. Success and failure have many factors influencing them. Some we are not aware of and only become known when we start.

So maybe, when things don’t go the way we want them to, it’s time to start again. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the pain, frustration, irritation, but not turn it inward on ourselves. That rarely is helpful. We can learn from it, but we can start again. Perhaps even with the same team.

There is a time and place for a fresh start. But there also is a time to start again with the same team, same ideas, just with a little more experience.

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