Pedantic Precision

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Change |


Sometimes it is helpful to be precise. Generally, having Christmas presents under the tree and birthday presents on the day is important for children. It’s also good to be precise when using lasers to cut a delicate design into a piece of wood or metal. Precision matters when flying an airplane in formation which others.

Other times it is not as important. For many adults, they are not upset if you celebrate them a few days before or after their actual birthday. Precision is not so important when we are covering a hole, we just want the piece of wood to be big enough and strong enough – beyond that the shape, size, and colour matter not.

Change, digital or not, is full of instances where precision matters and of instances where it doesn’t. As change makers, we need to understand which is which so we are not pedantic when it doesn’t matter.

Now, Christmas is coming, so I’m off to wrap some presents.

Photo by Carl Jorgensen


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