2022 Books Read

by | Dec 24, 2022 | Change, Ideas, Learning

2022 books

This year I started reading again. For a few years before, I found it hard to read anything more than bedtime stories with the kids. But this year, amongst the countless pdfs, reports, research papers, project documents and emails, books were read again.

And it was delightful.

The above image is a selection of some of what I read. However, after taking the photo I’ve stumbled across many others tucked away on shelves, side tables, and remembering those returned to the library. And yes, there are a lot about soil, vegetable growing, and farming. But I assure you there was a large number of Agatha Chrisite’s borrowed from the library this year, which didn’t make it into the photo.

Reading opens up new ways of seeing for me. All the books about soil and regenerative agriculture help me understand systems and change. They have helped me ‘see’ things in the digital and data world that I wouldn’t have before.

What books did you read this year? Send me a photo.

And if you need some more inspiration of other books to read Mr. Fables is reading 57 this year and the DO Lectures have put out their 100 books to read list.


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