3 Minutes

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3 minutes

Many of us have or will be writing thank you cards or emails this week. Pausing for a moment in the day to say thank you to another for a gift they gave us – wrapped or a meal or hospitality. Some will be hand delivered, others delivered by the post.

What if we didn’t stop?

What if each day for the next year, we paused for 3 minutes a day, and wrote a thank you to someone for a gift they gave in the previous week? Perhaps a listening ear, a meal, a pencil, an explanation of how a new system worked, or picking up the kids after school, visiting, making a cup of tea, or going for a walk. One card, each day.

It would likely take us 3 minutes a day – we could all ‘afford’ to reduce our social media scrolling by 3 minutes. But just imagine the impact 3 minutes consistently applied over a year would have. For the card receivers, your community, and for you personally. I imagine a LOT.

Consistency, even in small forms and amounts, adds up. In fact, my guess is that it compounds.

So 3 minutes, 1 card, each day. If 1 year seems too big, start with one month – 30 days. 3 minutes a day for 30 days. Who’s in?

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