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A new year is here. Another trip around the sun, a new calendar, another day. What has the 2022 version of you, gifted you? What will you take with you into 2023? And what will you say ‘No thanks’ to. Yes, you are talking to yourself, but perhaps it’s useful to realise you don’t have to accept all the ‘gifts’ your old self gave to you.

A new year, the inevitable end to the holidays, school starting again, and perhaps new jobs, new projects, new ideas. Change can feel terrifying. Wrapped up in fear of failing or perhaps even worse, looking like an idiot in front of yuor peers and friends, we are scared. What if this doesn’t work? What if no one cares? No one engages? Am I good enough?

Sometimes change feels like we are swimming against the current of our ‘group’. And sometimes it feels like we are the boulder the current is sweeping around. Or perhaps we’re taking a detour exploring a place we have not been before.

And yet, through it all, there are rhythms. Some are daily – get up, make the bed, have coffee, walk the dog, feed the dog, write a blog, make food, do the dishes, and so on. Others might be weekly – read weekly newsletters, go to swimming lessons, walk in the forest, go to supper club, and so on. Rhythms of life help us through life whether we are depressed or thrilled. They ground us.

So perhaps to help us (and others) with fears, with the terrifying part of change, we need to consider our rhythms; the consistent parts of our lives. When we ‘see’ them, acknowledge their presence, they can become more meaningful, perhaps even meditative. These rhythms tend to stick with us through the turbelence, fear, and worry of change. They are a form of travel companions. And travel companions are ‘gifts’ of our former selves. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge them.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk


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