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If you have a penny and doubled each day, it will turn into over ten million dollars after 30 days. However, after the first ten days you only have $10.24. That certainly doesn’t feel like you are on your way to a million. Even after 20 days, you’ve only reached just over $10,000. Again, it doesn’t feel like soon you’ll be reaching the millions. And yet, on day 27 you pass the million mark and three days later on day 30, you’re over 10 million.

Compounding can feel like little is happening for a while. There is slow growth or change occurring. And then as it builds, the change is exponential.

Too often we give up when the change is slow (during the first or second ‘period of ten’). We don’t stay the course or don’t remain consistent. We give up just as the change is about to take off.

The hard thing about change is that it is not like a penny doubling. It is hard to work out in advance what will happen or what ‘period’ we are in. But overall, we likely give up too early. Change is always slow at the beginning. We need to give it more of a chance then we do. Consistency reaps rewards.

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