What Excites You About This Project?

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What excites you most about this project and the possibilities it creates?

It was an excellent question, but not one I expected. We weren’t in an interview, it was a webinar. We were presenting research findings and our learning so far. ‘What excites you’ is not often asked in this environment. And yet, it was a great question.

Perhaps one we should ask in every webinar, meeting, interaction. Our answers and the answers we’d hear tell us so much more about the project. Rarely will the answer be about objectives, but rather answers become more personal, we see a little of the motivation (and the hope) of the person.

So what excites me? Three main things:

  1. Contributing to others’ work who are seeking to improve the awareness of vulnerable people to their rights and their agency to access & control data about them.
  2. Creating more tangible examples of alternatives to single agency, centralised database of vulnerbale people’s data. And thereby helping others see there are options, there is not only ‘one right way’.
  3. Finding the others who are interesting in and working on these issues within the humanitarian sector and creating spaces where we come together to exchange ideas and learning so we feel less alone.

And what about you? What excites you about the things you are involved in?

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