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not ready

A couple years ago, my wife read a book which significantly changed her outlook on life. In a discussion with one of her best friends about it, her friend’s response was, ‘Oh yes, I read that book in university and told you to read it back then!’

Similarly, this week I was in a discussion and asked to conduct a session sharing my ideas. While agreeing to do this, I had to hold my tongue from saying, ‘But I shared these exact ideas 3 months ago!’

Timing is part of it. Being ready is another part of it. Various factors need to come together for a person or a group to ‘be ready’ to hear the ideas you are presenting. Rarely are people ready the first time you say something. Especially if it requires a different way of thinking, behaving, or doing.

For change makers, it can be helpful to remember two things. First, how are we helping others ‘be ready’ for new ideas, ways of thinking, and the change we are creating? Part of this is ‘communicating in way that uses language the other understands. And second, one off communication is never enough, we need to expect, plan for, and deliver consistent, creative, and inspirational communication of the change we seek to create.

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