More than Sales People

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more than sales people

Here in the UK, the seed catalogues are arriving in the post. The catalogues are filled with photos of bowls of scrumptious strawberries, baskets with perfectly clean and identical carrorts, squash, beans and so on. There are no defects, no soil stuck on the carrots, just a bountiful harvest.

The catalogues are selling the dream, not the reality. They don’t take photos of the actual seeds that you receive in the post. Nor do they take photos of the vegetables when you pull them out of the ground – usually there is soil attached and rarely are they uniform in size and shape.

Selling the dream works for sales. But if your goal is a harvest, selling the dream can cause frustration. Therefore, many seed companies will also have many videos and links to help their customers achieve success. But reality is always different than the dream.

This is the same with change. We sell dreams. But change makers also know dreams are easy and rarely include the hard parts. However, change makers know that for change to happen we need to walk with the people, teams, and organisations through the hard parts. Ideally, this is more than just a video here and there. It often include countless conversations, heaps of encouragement, and many moments of joy, tears, and frustration.

Change makers are not only sales people. We are also coaches, inventors, cheerleaders, and counsellors.

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