What do you do?

by | Feb 14, 2023 | ICT4D, Identity |

what do you do

We are not software developers, programmers, or IT professionals – but we do speak their language and like technology.
We are not data analysts, makers of pie charts, bar charts, or funky graphs, – but we do like good visuals and bringing data to life.

We are not lawyers, but we read, create and interpret policies, contracts, and agreements regularly.
We are puzzle makers – the ones talking about the mosaic effect and seeing connections across divides
We are the ones making it possible for each organisation to choose which digital solution they use – and still be able to deduplicate people and assistance across many organisations.
We are the ones banging on not about consent, but rather awareness, alternatives, and access – not for organisations but for the person about whom the data is.
We are map makers seeking inventories preparing for rapid closure, talking of deleting, not keeping, data.
We are the bridge builders, the soothsayers looking into the future and asking if we are happy with what might be.

We are translators.
We are the ones championing the person about whom the data is and whom we exist to assist.
We are you and I, today and who we can become.

Photo by Edurne Tx


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