The Power of Committment

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Change, Ideas |

power of committment

Do you ever notice how when you buy an item – a car, a certain coloured piece of clothing, a brand of IT equipment, a book, and so on – that after the purchase you begin to ‘see’ lots of them around? In some ways, it’s a version of confirmation bias where are brains seek confirmation that the decision made was a good one. We see others as a good sign that we are part of a ‘club’. Whether it is actually a club or not doesn’t matter. It is also an example of the power of committment.

Recently we went to a friend’s birthday party. We were asked to come as something beginning with ‘K’. In the lead up to the party, our ‘brainstorming’ of things, people, or places beginning with ‘K’ was a struggle. Our minds got stuck in certain rabbit trails. And then we picked who to go as. After choosing more ‘K’ ideas began to come. And then we went to the party and the variety was immense and wonderful. And now, we can’t seeing ‘K’ everywhere.

It makes me wonder about the value of brainstorming in meetings. We are put on the spot and many of us struggle. But there also seems to be something happening in us once we commit to an idea – more ideas comes. More possibilities.

How can you use the power of committment to help create the change you seek to see?

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