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We picked up pigs for our place this weekend. It was a big event for us and a long time in the making. And it was both exciting and terrifying. We did as much preparation as we thought we could – a pen, a fence, food, housing, water, and lots and lots of reading. We talked about everything that could go wrong, tried to mitigate the list, and talked about why we are getting them. And now they are here. It’s still hard to believe. And now our minds spin with the worry of what if the things we thought would go wrong, actually do go wrong. Mostly, what happens if they get out…

Change is like this isn’t it? Full of fear, unknowns, excitement and possibility. And often there is one main worry (the pigs getting out) that can be hard to admit. Sometimes we engage with change projects that are similar to ones we’ve done before. Or with teams we worked with before. This gives us a sense of comfort and confidence. However, sometimes we do something we’ve never done before. This tends to be more scary.

This is true for us, as change makers, and for those experiencing the change. Understanding how everyone is experiencing the change is key to helping them (and us) through it.

Now I’m off to feed the pigs!

Photo by brittany sawyer


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