Rigid Frameworks

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Change |


One of the ways our brains look to filter everything we experience into the frameworks we understand the world through. Often these frameworks is developed at a young age and slightly adapted as we go through life. However, the core of it is shaped in the early years of life. And it is quite robust and rigid. It often takes a significant amount of counselling, meditation, and self-exploration to change the framework through which we experience life.

Our brains tend to filter life’s experience by accepting the received stimulus because it fits within our framework or disregards the stimulus that doesn’t fit. Sometimes instead of disregarding the pieces that don’t fit, we manipulate our interpretation of them so they do fit or we simply ‘jam them in’.

This appears to be especially true, when we are busy or have a lots of mental stimulation. It’s like we become extra rigid. And periods of change often bring about an increase in busyness and stimulus. Therefore, we should expect more ‘rigidity’ in people going through change. And change makers, those shepherding change, need to be aware of their own tendency to become ‘rigid’ in their thinking as well.

We are all human after all.

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