They see what is

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Change |

they see what is

Often we forget that the ‘picture’ we have in our heads of what change, our project, our art should look like can only be seen by us. No one else can see it. They see what is, not what we want it to be.

This creates two challenges for the change maker. First, change requires a vision. Doesn’t have to be a grand, we’re going to go to Mars type of vision. But a vision nonetheless. Often this vision is in our heads and we need to communicate it out. However, in the process of communicating it and it becoming a ‘shared vision’ it changes. Second, as we work to implement our vision, we have a sense of the progress we are making and the progress we should or thought we’d be making. Others see what is – unless they have been before they don’t know what is or was. And unless they know the ‘shared vision’, they are unlikely to know how far we have to go.

Perhaps this can help us either communicate better or be kinder to ourselves, reducing the pressure to meet some self-imposed deadline. Or both.

Photo by Kvalifik


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