Brands Reimagined

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Change, Strategy |

brands reimagined

Reimagining our current lives, organisations and societies can be hard to visualise. Then I came across this work by Thomas, who using AI, created just that. Brands reimagined or mashed together and represented visually.

Perhaps you don’t like the reimagination or the visualisation. That’s ok. That is not the point in these types of exercises. Hopefully by looking at the ideas, our minds are opened up differently to possibilities we didn’t think of before. And ideally, we can then describe or create or contribute our own reimaginations.

Perhaps for your next strategy session. Your next time when you are trying to imagine what the future might hold, spend some time showing your team these images and countless other ‘futures’ found online. And then have the discussion. It will likely be more vivid.

Photo by Thomas


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