Good, but not Good Enough

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jerry seinfeld

In an interview with Harvard Business Review, Jerry Seinfeld was asked, ‘As a live performer, how do you improve?’

‘You have to know how to encourage yourself to be confident and courageous when you’re creating new material and also how to be harshly critical and go, “That’s good, but it’s not good enough—take it out.”

‘That’s good, but not good enough’ strikes a chord. For most teams and organisations , it is tempting to hold onto the good. And the result is we become bloated. We are carrying things we shouldn’t or don’t need to, simply because they are ‘good’. We have lacked the courage to make hard choices and taking the good, but not good enough out.

Change makers are often called upon to help make those courageous choices. We are the ones asking the hard questions and working with others to reduce the bloat. It is easy when everyone dislikes something. It is much harder when it’s ‘fine’, ‘ok’, or even ‘good’.

What are you holding onto that is good, but not good enough?

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