Data and Animals

by | Mar 12, 2023 | ICT4D |


Having pigs, chickens, and a dog brings different responsibilities than having flowers and vegetables. Most of the year, there is little we need to do for the flowers and veg. In summer months, watering tends to be required. With animals, there are food and water requirements – twice every single day, rain or shine. Plus the dog needs walks and the chickens need their eggs collected. This takes time and restricts what we can do without finding someone to reliably do our chores for us. Therefore, it adds to our trip planning.

Similarly, when we add new digital solutions, new ways of managing data, new devices, and so on – the additions are not all equal. Some come with no extra requirements other than to keep plugged in. Others come with annual maintenance and upgrade costs – like infrastructure and most software. However, when we collect data, it comes with daily issues about use, storage, security, protection, governance, and deletion.

Data, like animals, brings with it daily chores. We often don’t think about this in advance and are surprised by it.

Photo by Jon Butterworth


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