100 Day Sprints

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Change, Ideas, Strategy


It’s hard to interact with the tech world and not come across the idea of a sprint. It’s a way of managing software builds and often a week or two long. One of the ideas behind the approach is to have everyone focus on a part of the build over a distinct period of time. Sprints are in some sense small projects within a project.

The idea of sprints are not new. One could argue that the Amish have been doing sprints for centuries with their barn raising days or weekends. Habitat for Humanity build houses in this way. One way to think about sprints is that they are a sustained focus over a period of time to achieve a distinct (and known) outcome.

As I write this, 100 days from now is June 21 – the summer solistice in the northern hemisphere, the winter solistice in the southern hemisphere. A hundred days can seem like a long time, but can also feel like a short time. When you think that most of us will live, on average, 27,375 days – 100 days is not that many.

So what could you do in 100 days? Justin grew a lot of food. Then tried to build a homestead in another 100 days. BUt perhaps you’d like to try something different? 100 days of gratitude? Communication? Encouragement? Writing? What would 100 days of optimism look like? Or perhaps 100 days of walking for 20 minutes each day? 20 minutes a day reading with a child or an elderly community member?

100 days is short time and a long time. Sprints feel like that. But sustained focus over a period of time on a distinct outcome changes the world. What will you focus on?

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