ChatGPT: Should I stop writing?

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In a world where artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and others are writers, should we stop writing? AI can write us copy for an article, an advertisement, a strategy, a proposal, and even a poem or a story. ChatGPT has begun to bring this ability to the masses. So should we stop writing?

Writing is a process through which we learn many things – what we know and what we don’t know. Crucially, writing also helps us structure our thinking, helps us think, and helps us begin to communicate it to others. Writing is not just the content, it is more. It is also a process and a personal one.

Often when you listen to people reviewing a book or article, they will mention the author’s voice. It could be about the style of writing or perspective brought. On most topics, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and books written. They all have a different voice or perspective. ChatGPT and other AI tools also have a voice, likely multiple voices. But it doesn’t have your voice. You are you, be yourself, and lend your voice. You could even use AI to help ‘coach’ you to improve your voice, draw it out more.

And a note about audience. You know yours. ChatGPT and AI might know the ‘average’ manager, the ‘average’ group of stakeholders in your field, but it is unlikely to know your specific audience. Sure ChatGPT can help you write a letter to your Mom or a proposal to your manager, but it doesn’t know your Mom’s favourite jam, which song makes her dance, or which flower makes her eyes dance. You know your audience better than AI does.

Therefore, in a world where artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and others are writers, should we stop writing? No. Please don’t. Write in a way that helps you learn, that gives voice to your thoughts, and that’s focused on an audience you know well.

Write. Keep writing.

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  1. Rashindu De Mel

    Timely and very much on point Amos! I cannot imagine a day and age where we are unable to express our deepest thoughts or even
    loose our personal touch on any thing we produce. We should definitely continue to write on, I believe no AI alternative can take the place of the “human thought/emotion”.


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