We can’t control the weather

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Change |


We can’t control the weather. Rarely can we control the traffic on the roads (especially when we are late). And there is much about organisational culture we can’t control either. We be able to shift the culture slightly, but control is doubtful.

Change makers recognise this, so instead of focusing on things outside of their control, they choose to move the locus of control back over to themselves and the change they are working on. Often within the project and within themselves, they have agency, responsibility for their experience and actions. It is easy in change projects to become fixated on the external, on that outside of your control. This is demoralising. However, when we shift the conversation back to what we do have control over, the energy shifts.

The shift to focusing on the external is often subtle, unconscious. Therefore, regularly, at least daily, it is wise to ask ‘Am I focusing on what is within my control or something external?’

So what are you focusing on?

Photo by NOAA


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