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by | Mar 17, 2023 | Change |

wall photos

Like many parents, we have photos on the walls of our kids at different ages. Each one brings back memories of events and time now gone. The photos are of different times in our kids lives and so we are reminded of the change that has happened. And yes, they are a reminder of how fast kids grow up. Most of the photos are not from events or experiences that were deemed special at the time. Rather the photos captured something special in the everyday moment, which now is displayed on our walls.

What would a photo wall of your change project look like? How has your project evolved over time? Would some photos remind you of the sense of overwhelm that is experienced at times? As well as moments of delight? Who would be in the photos? What everyday experience would be captured and turned into a milestone photo?

Photos not only take us back. They also remind us of how far we’ve come. And hopefully, they remind us to celebrate how far we’ve come.

What can you celebrate today?

Photo by Raj Rana


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