Tennis or Golf?

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Change, Strategy |


There’s a big difference between playing tennis and playing golf.

In tennis, my main objective is to watch the other person, and try to hit the ball where they’re not.” That’s branding expert Allen Adamson talking.

But, in golf,” he continued, “I play with somebody. I want to beat them, but I’m not usually worrying about them. I’m usually worried about, “What’s the wind? What club do I use? Are there trees blocking my view?

H/T Louis Grenier

When we seek change, innovation, or even seek to lead a team, it is tempting to pay a lot of attention to those we deem to be our competition. We lead like we are playing tennis, when often it is wiser to play golf.

Consider your past week or month, have you been playing tennis or golf? What do you want to play in the week or month ahead?

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