‘Oh wow! You’re so big now.’

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Change |

so big now

‘Oh wow! You’re so big now.’

Many of us likely heard this from an adult during our childhood. And now as adults, we’ve likely also uttered the words. When we don’t see children for a few months or years, the change is dramatic. Sometimes, with recently new born children, you can notice change after a shorter period of time like a week. However, the child growing and parents/siblings only notice the growth because clothes and shoes no longer fit. It’s the distance, the space between encounters that make us utter these words.

This same thing happens in other areas of life. With animals, houses we build, with gardens and flowers, and the change projects we lead. When we are up close, it is hard to see.

It’s the time away that helps us see. In your moments of frustration in your change project, when you feel like ‘nothing is happening’, what can you do to help get perspective? Who can you ‘invite for a visit’ to help you see the change that is happening but you are too close to see it?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema


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