Boundary Fences

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boundary fences

We have different fences on our property. Some are just a few strands of wires, others are chestnut fences. Around the vegetable garden, it’s chestnut fencing with chicken wire. And in the area we want to keep the dog, it’s chestnut fencing with livestock fencing. Some fences are electrified, but most are not. All the fences keep things out and let things through. Rabbits are kept out of the veggies, but roam everywhere else.

Boundaries are rarely, if ever, 100% solid. Often boundaries and fences restrict the flow of certain things, but allow the passage of others.

Projects and our lives have boundaries too. What do your boundaries restrict? What do they allow passage? And most importantly, are you happy with what is getting through and what isn’t? Do you need to mend or adjust any of your fences?

Photo by Trey Musk


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