What do you think?

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what do you think

What do you think? rarely gets you the feedback you want. It’s general and people don’t know what you are wanting. Often the answer is silence. However, when you are more specific there often is better quality responses. Perhaps fewer, but better quality. For example, if you are preparing a presentation here are some more ‘specific’ questions that will likely result in better feedback:

Do you think this will resonant with audience X? What would make it connect better?

Is the language I am using correct for the audience?

Is this remarkable? Is it memorable? Which parts are?

Do the images work with the words I am using? Which ones are confusing?

Is the language accessible? Inclusive? What bias are you hearing?

And then, at the end, you can ask a more open question by simply asking ‘Anything else?’

Give it a try and see if it helps.

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