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by | Mar 30, 2023 | ICT4D |

file sharing

How organisational systems are set up tell you a lot about those who created them. All systems have defaults and decisions to be made when installing them. So when a system makes it nearly impossible to share files with people outside your organisation, it communicates something about how it sees it.

This isn’t about data protection, data security, or data privacy. This is about how we veiw ourselves. Most organisations of today are not islands. They work with countless other organisations in networked type manner. This requires the ability to easily share information with others. And yes of course in a safe and secure manner.

Here’s the thing. If our systems don’t allow us to do this easily. People will find a way. And that way will likely be less safe and less secure than we want. People are great at finding workarounds. It’s one of our endearing qualities. So people will find a way so they can get on with their jobs. This adds to our data headache because it means organisational data ‘spiders’ out, spreads out further and further. This actually makes data security much harder.

Wouldn’t it be easier if our organisational systems were designed to meet the needs of how the teams work?

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