Anything can happen

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Ideas |

Many of us have a hard time accepting this. We want to, and think we do, control our days, weeks, years. And we do to some extent. We plan, make lists, book meetings and holidays. And yet, anything can happen. There are countless stories of things happening to us and others that were completely unexpected. We all have stories of our plans being ‘thrown out the window’ because of something happening. So while we plan, we don’t actually know what will happen.

For some, this can be terrifying. For others liberating. We can choose to live our lives in wonder, in expectation of what will happen today. Today may be the day you have a breakthrough in a challenge you’ve been working on for weeks or years. Today may be the day you find a way forward. Anything can happen.

So how will you approach today?


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