What you want

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Change |

what you want

You can create change by enforcing what you want. You can ‘drive it’ through the sheer force of your will. Change can happen this way. It is one way.

Another way is to figure out what the others want can connect the change you seek to what they seek. And in working together change will occur.

This is important to remember in all forms of change, including digital transformation. We can force it through, bend people to our will. Or we can work with them, help them be ready for it. It one of the projects we’re working on, we started with the idea of data portability, but needed to switch to a data stewardship approach (you can listen to webinars on these topics here). Both are still ambitious, but portability felt like a step too far for the community with whom we work. Stewardship helps prepare the community for thinking in new ways. It helps show new options of achieving similar goals.

Change can be dictated or encouraged. One tends to result in long lasting change, the other short term.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Miguel A Amutio


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