Stomach Churning Anxiety

by | Apr 15, 2023 | Change |


I could my heart beating and my stomach churning. Not in a good nervous way, but in a high anxiety, ‘I might just throw up’ type of way. A hundred deadlines, countless emails needing responses (teams, slack, skype, too), meetings to attend, presentations to be made (but first created), reports to write, people to encourage, projects to figure out, not to mention the deafening cacophony of social media telling me I’m out of touch with the latest trend.

It is easy to be overwhelmed today. There is a barrage messages about things we are not doing that others are (or say they are) which make us feel terrible. There also is a barrage of messages about opportunities of things we ‘should’ be doing. Messages that promise fulfilment, money, success, status.

One of the hard parts of change is the need to focus on the challenge at hand. Often we need to ignore these barrages. We need to figure out which voices to listen to (a very small number) and which to ignore (most of them).

In my moments of anixety this week, one friend said, ‘Our lives are a string of failed projects, however failure and success are all relative. Our projects can be a string of failures, but often each failure can still be progress. It’s like you are creating a new path through a jungle and while you may not make it through to the other side, each time you get further.’

And if you want to talk about your anxiety with someone, drop me a note or consider an ‘encouragement session‘ with Barrie.

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