Keep Trying

by | May 10, 2023 | Change |

keep trying

So much of my life at the moment is about trying things while knowing they might not work. Raising animals involves a steep learning curve, which we learnt as we tried to move the pigs. At one point we had both pigs loose on the property with me covered in mud. The chickens have escaped. Both of the waterers I made for the pigs and the chickens have been abandoned. Last night involved tried to to make a ‘chick lift’ to make moving the chicken tractor easier. But mine is out of wood, while most of the videos are made from metal, so this too might break. Oh and then there is the vegetable garden. This year feels like all I am doing is feeding the slugs. Everying I plant is decimated within 24 hours…

Our work in the digital and data space is about trying new approaches to digital literacy and data governance. We’re taking designs, concepts and trying to make them practical and usable. We’re translating technical language into everyday language. And so far, some things are working, while others are not.

But this is the life of a change maker. Dare I say, an innovator. And I don’t share this for applause, but rather for you to know that you are not alone. Yes, things might not work. And often they don’t or they work for a short while and then break. But it is only in the trying that we find the things that do work.

So keep trying. I’m cheering you on.

Photo by Tommy Bond


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