Organisational Chores

by | May 15, 2023 | Strategy |


Bringing water and feed to our animals was fun and interesting for the first week. 12 weeks on, it is less so. It has become a chore. We’ve been having lots of discussions about our animals recently and one theme has been ‘how can we automate or systematise our chores?’ It’s not that they no longer need to be done, we just want to find a better way.

One of the promises of digital transformation is the automation of many organisational ‘chores’. Artificial intelligence embodies this promise.

Recognising what can be automated, what the steps are, is still quite a human endeavour. Even more so when many different entities are involved. Automation is easy when everything is already the same. But it is rare to find organisations with identical policies, processes, and procedures. In fact it’s rare that teams within the same large organisation follow the same policies, processes, and procedures. Perhaps this is where small organisations have the advantage?

Automate what you can so you can free up your human capital for more creative endeavours. But always, always, have a well-resourced, empowered, and friendly help desk because automation will go wrong. And just like automation speeds up certain chores, it always heightens and increases frustration.

Expect it. Your staff will thank you.

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer


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