Showing Up

by | May 18, 2023 | Change |

showing up

Often when we consider milestones, we think about certain types of achievements like number of trainings, number of students, or financial figures. Sometimes we’ve worked out that we need to make 50 sales call for every sale, so we set miletones again around numbers – this time number of calls. Other times we focus on wins, people reached, growth, and so on.

But sometimes it can be helpful to consider a different metric all together – the ability to keep ‘playing’ or working or being a friend, a parent, or colleague. Too often we focus on growth and achievements – which tend to be short term views. The long term view is beyond projects, jobs – things that come and go. We may lose the football match, but if we are healthy, we can play again tomorrow. If our project fails or doesn’t reach certain milestones, we often still have a job or at least skills we can use to continue to work.

One of the key indicators of successful change we see is ‘continually showing up’. It’s underrated, yet tells us a lot. We may fail a hundred times, but when we decide to stop showing up, we don’t give ourselves the chance of succeeding. As Michael Jordan famously said ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’

How can you create a milestone or metric that measures how often you show up?

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