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Avoidable Angst

Meetings to solve a specific problem happening now tend to be focused, specific. How are we going to solve this particular issue? What is the plan to launch this campaign? Who needs to do what, when? These meetings are narrow, often rigid and often have a more...

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Yes, but why

Whatever business you are in, there is unlikely to be a shortage of conferences, meetings, workshops, that you could choose to attend. The demand for our time is never-ending and the fear of missing out (FOMO) is at ridiculously high levels. So yes we could attend...

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Public Private Partnerships

It’s not optional or a ‘nice to have’ It’s not primarily about a new revenue source It’s not about employee engagement and ‘giving back’ It’s not to pacify guilt   It’s about integrity It’s beyond the short term, reductionistic thinking It’s about being true to...

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