Emerging Models of Data Stewardship for People Affected by Crisis

All of our organisations face challenges around Data Portability – the need for aid recipients to transfer their data between organisations in order to access the help they need. Research with Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) members has identified several specific challenges, such as setting up referral systems and deduplication of persons and assistance.

As our sector goes through rapid change driven by the growth of Cash and Voucher Assistance, it is vital that we handle data responsibly – not just as individual organisations, but collectively.

This webinar introduces the concept of Data Stewardship as a new approach to these challenges. The webinar explains data stewardship through a series of real-world examples, emphasising the rights of the people who provide the data. The presentation and the discussion explores how data stewardship might improve the quality of services for aid recipients while giving them more accountability in how their data is used.

We are hoping to adapt data stewardship principles, and develop two pilot projects in two country locations to test whether this approach can address our data portability challenges.