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On Racism with Mo Ali

In this episode I chat with Mo Ali about racism in the aid sector and what we do about it. Here’s a link to his Antiracism course.

Article on Racism in Aid Survey

New Humanitarian Articles

Book – How to be an Antiracist

When digital transformation is relegated to the IT department, we have abdicated our responsibilities and do not understand digital or transformation.

This week I had the privilege of having a conversation with Ken Banks. Ken has spent over 25 years working in and around humanitarian aid. He is the founder of FrontlineSMS and now works for Yoti as their Head of Social Purpose. In this episode we talk about Yoti’s recent social purpose report, their Guardian council, and what he has been learning.

This episode continues to talk about how bias enters our datasets and decision making. This time through stories, particularly the stories we tell ourselves.

Data doesn’t lie, it is facts. Right? Well, it tells a story, a perspective, but not the whole truth. Data has bias encoded in it. In this episode I outline 5 ways bias gets in

Responsible Data Maturity Model with Linda Raftree

This week I had the privilege of having a conversation with Linda Raftree about the Responsible Data Maturity Model she created with CARE USA.

Here are two links to the Responsible Data Maturity Model we discussed:

Here are links to other things we discussed in the podcast:

Lastly, here are links to connect with Linda:

We’re often told change will be smooth, but in reality it’s full of bumps, curves, and potholes. In this episode I explore some of these in responsible data practices.

We’re back!  ​Season 3 will focus on digital transformation, responsible data, digital literacy and everything wrapped up in this.

Season 3 starts with some fun and creativity. Alphabet books are common in houses with young children and primary schools.  So this episode uses the idea of an Alphabet book to unpack responsible data. Enjoy!

The text of this episode can be read on two blog posts – A-M and N-Z