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Patience is Still a Virtue

One of the little joys I feel each time I get on an airplane is the realisation the next few hours is 'me' time, there will be no calls, no messages, no pings, etc. There is something blissful about this. Our lives are interrupted now by notifications from email,...

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Perfection and Godot

If you haven't seen or read "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett and plan to, stop reading as I'm going to talk about the ending. If you're not planning to read it, I'd encourage you to stop reading and read it instead as it's a wonderful piece of literature. With...

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The Lie of Authenticity

In the world of fake news, information overload, social media, and the internet (where no one knows you're a dog), authenticity is growing in its street cred. While I'm a huge fan of authenticity, I've realised it can be over rated. Being aware of your emotions, your...

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