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Not what you expect

“You shook their world when you arrived. You weren’t what they expected." These words appeared on my FB feed recently.  While the words were part of a poem about a person, they resonated with me when thinking about change or new ideas or approaches. Inevitably change...

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The Unexpected Stakeholder

As a young boy, one of the simple joys I had while walking around the farm was picking up pieces of gravel and trying to hit trees or other targets I deemed appropriate. This was especially true around water as I would marvel at the different type of splashes the...

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Stuttering Forward

It's rarely smooth isn't it? We may have our nice plans, our well thought out steps, but there's always something unexpected - a surprise on the way, something behaving differently than we thought. Change often happens in a 2 steps forward, 1 step back, stepping...

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