Our technology choices tell a story about us and our view of the people we seek to serve.

Technology is fascinating, glorious, helpful, and very shiny. Babies love shiny objects, adults and organisations do too, just a different type of object. Technology is incredible but doesn’t exist by itself and can be a distraction. Technology can help us create positive change, but it can also create and exacerbate enormous harm.

Technology is the easy part, the human part, the ethical questions, the organisational change are the hard parts.

I help people build digitally responsible organisations. I love how technology can improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities. How it can enable them to have more agency in their lives. I work with people interested in asking the hard questions about technology and digital transformation. Questions about justice, bias, oppression, governance, consent, and duty of care.

Through my work, people come to see the world differently.



More about Me

image of canadian maple leafI am a leading voice in responsible technology and data management, an experienced blogger, and regular speaker at conferences, podcasts, and webinars. I’ve brought innovations from idea stage to market and turned around million dollar projects and technology products.


I am an advisor to the leading ethical biometrics company – Simprints – and work with World Vision International’s global humanitarian team.


I grew up in Canada on a flower farm run by my Dutch immigrant parents and wider family so I understand the value of hardwork, persistence, and gratitude. Now I live in Devon, one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, surrounded by farms and gardens inspiring me to think holistically about the ecosystem in which things thrive.


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My writing has been featured by World Vision | CaLP | UNHCR | Engine Room | Relief Web | and more…