A.R.T. WORKshops

Technology is fun. Cool even.  It’s been this way since the beginning of time – from the wheel to the printing press to the computer and so on.  Creating technology is relatively easy, ensuring it is appropriate and Responsible is a different story.

That’s where the A.R.T. comes in.  Appropriate and Responsible Technology workshops.  Workshops which create space for discussing the aspirations, challenges, successes, and frustration of appropriate and responsible technology use in organisations.

These are WORKshops because it is work.  They are not a lecture or a webinar to take in, where you sit back and listen, it is a workshop.  It is a time for scribbling, colouring, scratching out, note taking, starting over and sharing your work.   It is a workshop and it is for your work.

Learning and improving is the goal, not perfection.  We need the space to be bad at something first, before we can become good at it.  This is a space for that.

Upcoming Workshops

An interactive workshop for people who want improve how they design and operationalise responsible use of technology in their organisations.

The problem of data portability has challenged humanitarian agencies for many years.  Listen to a webinar to learn what we are discovering.

This webinar introduces the concept of Data Stewardship as a new approach to improving the quality of services for aid recipients.