Make Organisations Better

An interactive workshop for people who want improve how they design and operationalise responsible use of technology in their organisations.

Data, technology, digital.  You can’t go to a meeting or conference without bumping into discussions about these topics.  Everyone is talking about digital.  However, there are also countless stories of digital technology being used for not so good purposes.  The same can be said about data.  Data is not inherently good or bad, but it also is not neutral. 

The events of 2020 and every single humanitarian crisis highlights the digital divide, inequality, and the need for digital justice.  Digital transformation can not be talked about separate from justice, values, politics, oppression, and co-liberation. We often forget the human side of digital. However, these discussions are complex, emotional, lonely, and often difficult.

This is an invitation. An invitation to make organisations better. An invitation to a free, interactive, workshop.

This workshop is creating a space to have some of these discussions.  More importantly, it is about connecting you to others who are both interested in discussing, but also trying to figure out how to have the discussions in their teams and organisations.  This workshop aims to create a space where we can figure it out together.

It is 7 sessions over 4 weeks creating hundreds of interactions.  Each lesson comes with a provocation, a prompt, individual work and discussion – sometimes they are videos, sometimes live online.

Who is it for?

The Responsible Organisation Workshop is for anyone who wants to improve how they and the teams they are part of use technology. Not just IT people, but everyone who knows we can improve. People who have questions, ideas, opinions, but also who are willing to learn, to be questioned, to discuss.

We will push you to think about different perspectives and create a safe place for you to react. And we will learn together, it is the people around us who will push us, encourage us, celebrate with us as we all cause positive change to happen. 

Through the 7 lessons, you will learn about:

  • Awareness and Consent
  • Bias and Oppression
  • The Mosaic Effect
  • Portability
  • Access
  • Categorisation
  • Ethics boards, Guardians, and other helpful governance structures
  • Frameworks and toolkits for you to use within your teams
  • Who else is thinking about the things you are
  • How to improve the ‘responsibleness’ of your team or organisation
  • and more…

If you are ready grow, the sign up below – it all starts Nov. 17. And yes, it might not work, but that’s where the learning happens.

We can’t wait to meet you.