Imposters Wanted

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Identity |


Even when we are confident in what we know, we can feel like an imposter. We can exude confidence externally, but inside the gremlins are having a party.

There is always more to learn. And we live in an era where it is impossible to read everything written on a topic. So when the gremlin shouts at us saying you don’t know everything. We can answer with a ‘yes, no one does.’

Ideally, we can add to our answer. We can add ‘I’ve read or researched the topic and understand certain viewpoints, but my experience is slightly different. And I’m contributing my experience.’

Meetings, webinars, workshops, conferences need people who feel like imposters. Chances are, if you feel like an imposter, you have insight we need to hear. Your ‘slightly difference’ experience, your story, has the potential power to do at least two things. First, connect to someone else making them feel a bit less lonely. Second, it could unlock the topic for someone else. It could be the missing piece.

Meetings, webinars, workshops, and conference should be places where ideas are shared, about learning. It is not about who’s right and wrong, rather about perspectives, viewpoints. “I’d never thought about it that way before” should be a constant refrain of participants.

And this requires people who feel like imposters. People who dance with their imposter, but are on the dance floor.

Photo by Deividas Toleikis


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