Becoming Robots or Humans?

by | Jul 9, 2021 | ICT4D, Identity |

robot or human

Is the natural destination of using biometrics in identity that we no longer use people’s names? If we have your biometric which has been deduplicated, is your name important? Any other information important? We can prove you are unique and isn’t that the point?

Perhaps imagining this reality pushing us to consider what it means to be seen, to be human. While the above may be true, I hope we don’t go there. Ideally we are spending time considering how we can be more human with vulnerable people who have experienced trauma. But in reality there is little aid money for being more human, it’s available for technology. And when technology helps us to ‘save’ money in one area, the money tends to be taken away not redistributed so our quality or our humanity improves.

Photo by Andy Kelly


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