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Top killer of children in Asia

What do you think it is? Malaria? Malnutrition? Traffic accidents? Conflict? Surprisingly, it is none of those, but rather drowning. Yes, you read that correctly - drowning! I find it rather shocking as I have never heard about it being such an issue before, but after...

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Walking the streets of Hanoi

There is something about Hanoi, beyond the crazy traffic, millions of motorcycles, constant hooting of horns. It's not that each time I come here I seem to be given the gift of the Hanoi hack and pollution, it's more than that. There is something raw about...

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Social Media and Business in Asia

I find myself back in Asia again fascinated by how social media is being used here, not only for social purposes but for business transactions and communication. I am here working on a project creating awareness about the AADMER treaty signed by the 10 ASEAN countries...

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