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David wrote back…Now what? P2P?

David Miliband wrote back.  It was unexpected, short and sweet, but he wrote back.  Impressive. He invited me to engage with IRC's economic recovery expert about possibilities to work together.  Nice.  So the ball is back in my court. I've followed up with the...

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Why do we exist?

Two and half months ago, I moved houses in London and have spent most of those most shocked by the customer service or lack of it, when it comes to basic services like a phone line or plumbing repairs.  I’ve dealt with multiple service providers and been promised many...

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Loo paper for good

I love creativity. I wish I had more of it and more courage to express the bits I have. Inspiration can be one of those allusive things that we all search for and yet it can be found anywhere we find ourselves. And when I say anywhere, I do mean anywhere, which is one...

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