Not all Snow builds a Snowman

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Change |

My kids have been excited with the recent snowfalls which are rare where we live in the UK. It’s difficult to get any breakfast into them before they are clambering to go outside to play in the snow. One morning they came back inside quite quickly wearing long sad faces – “Dad, the snow is not working” – was the response I was given as an explanation.

“Ah, it’s the wrong type of snow”

“Snow is snow Dad, but it’s just not working – can you fix it?”

Clearly my kids are still in the phase of thinking that Mom and Dad are superheroes who can fix anything, but sadly this was one job beyond our ability.

And yes, there are different types of snow, the light fluffy, powdery type which looks beautiful, blows easily, pretty good for snow angels, but doesn’t stick together much at all. On the other end of the spectrum is wet, heavy, snow which stick to everything, often makes tree branches sag (and break), and is excellent for building snowmen, snowforts, and snowballs (actually the snowballs can become quite dangerous as they are close to balls of ice). Then there are lots of variations in between.

Just like with snow, there are many different types of and approaches to change and when we wrongly identify it, we, too, will quickly return with long, sad faces wondering what went wrong looking for someone to ‘fix it’.


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