Doing our way into Believing

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Change |

We’ve been told that if we change what we believe or think, our actions will follow. We spend hours trying to change how we and our teams think about a process, our behaviours, a vision; carefully trying to get us all to ‘think’ the same with the assumption that if we change our thinking, we will change our actions.

Yet, it rarely works. What if we were doing it backwards?

It turns out, changing our beliefs is done more easily when we change our behaviours first. We change what we believe by changing how we live. When we reward the behaviours we seek to see, they multiply, as they multiply and are rewarded, we believe them to be true, positive, appropriate, desired.

So perhaps we need to do a little less talking and a lot more celebrating of the behaviours we want so our ‘guiding’ beliefs become reality; become actually what we believe.


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