You can just start again

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Change |

Last night, I sat at my kitchen table, headphones in, laptop open, on a call with the global community of the Right Company. Familiar faces of amazing people all over the world looking back at me, and there it was, another simple, almost throw away comment, making time stand still for me.

You can just start again

There is something freeing in hearing those words from people you respect. But they are also scary words as they also trigger all the emotions around failure, mistakes, and even shame.

Sometimes full on restarts are needed as a method of change or in the change project itself. However, this is likely to trigger more resistance in our brains than if we frame as a series of smaller changes/tweaks to the existing process. According to Science Mike, as our brains have evolved we have a negativity bias hard wired in to protect us from the unknown (the new); thus we tend to prefer what we know rather than trying something new.

So when we are working with our colleagues, our customers, asking them to change, to try something new, there is likely a whole load of unspoken emotions going on individually and collectively. It’s helpful if we are aware of this. And best way to help people? Stories & Community. Stories that meet people where they are emotionally, but care about them too much to leave them there, so take them on a journey through the fear, anxiety, and insecurity to the other side. Stories that draw them into a small community of others who remind them they are not alone and are on the journey together.

Yes, you can start again, but no you don’t have to do this on your own. It’s the second half of the sentence that helps us all do the first half.

And yes, I will be starting again, with the help of the incredible community at the Right Company.


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