The Paper Defends its Whiteness

by | Jun 15, 2019 | Change |

The paper defends its whiteness

Attributed to Picasso

Staring at a blank page, at blank screen, not knowing where to start. Or perhaps it’s not blank, perhaps its chaos, cluttered, and overwhelming, but the effect is the same – not knowing where to start. Maybe it is so full of colour, of plans, of activities, that it is paralysing its details.

As Newton’s first law of motion begins “an object at rest, stays at rest or an object in motion, stays in motion.”

We often are so paralysed by starting, worried about do the wrong thing, and so we don’t start, we stay ‘at rest’. Part of the act of habits is getting us started and not worrying about whether what we are doing is ‘good’ as we improve as we move.

So it is often with change, we need to start, we need to put our plans into action with the expectation that we will improve as we go. We will discover things we can only discover through the act of starting.

So start, explore, engage, learn, and begin again.

Photo by Maranda Vandergriff


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