A Day of Rest

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Questions |

Today for some is a traditional day of rest. A day off from the regular. A slightly different routine. A day to pause. The day of rest, one day a week, has its roots in religious traditions. But religion is not a prerequisite.

However, what does a day of rest look like or mean when we are in ‘lockdown’? Family day has become everyday, so what does the day of rest look like? I don’t know. But perhaps it can still be a day to reflect together. Perhaps it is wise to discuss what things, routines, activities worked well in the past week and what didn’t. Maybe it can be a day to prepare for the week ahead. But also maybe it would be helpful to start asking ‘what happens if this goes on for 6 months‘? What are those big picture issues we need to address?

Perhaps our day of rest can be about asking different questions, having different discussions.

And perhaps one of the most powerful things we can do once a week is discuss together the opportunities the lockdown presents for us. Not dreaming of everything you want to do when this is over, but the opportunities we have now, in the midst of it all.

What will you do today?

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